Words of Wisdom #2

#2 Building Up Goods for Trading

Gaining goods to be able to effectively trade for what you need is a key strategy. There are a few things we can do to maximize our trade abilities.

Focusing On Boosted Goods

Boosted goods are the goods that the game assigns to us which will have an improved rate of production. You will get one boost for each level of goods. You will be able to gain these goods at a much higher rate than the other two good types per tier and so using the boosted goods for trading is the best way to gain value from the way that the game sets you up.

When researching manufactories or the improvements to manufactories, it is a good idea to finish the boosted good slot first. This way you can get boosted factories built, upgraded and producing as soon as possible to start trading those boosted goods!

When exploring the world map if you have a choice between provinces to explore, try going for provinces that contain your boosted relics first. When you get enough boosted relics, the production rate of that good will increase. You can see how many relics are needed for your next boost increase in two places: in the Main Hall Relics tab and on the white relic (with the exclamation point) on the bottom interface on the world map.

Depending On Fellowship Members and Trading for Non-Boosted Goods

Relying on Fellowship members and neighbors for trades is not as worrisome as it may seem, and many trades are taken very quickly. If you really need the trades to happen quickly placing a three star trade will more than likely entice people to snap them up.

Building factories to produce your boosted goods and trading for the remainder will also help maximize the space in your city. Since you get much better production rates from boosted goods, non-boosted factories are essentially a drain on your time. And if you aren’t making the most of your time, you are also not making the most of the small amount of space that we are given to build on.

Have fun!


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