Province Unit Information

Below you will find information on the different types of enemy units found in each of the nine provinces. Each class (Light melee, Heavy Melee, etc…) has three enemy units, giving fifteen units. Also listed are the specific units found in each province type.

The fifteen enemy units by class:

light_melee Light Melee (LM): Thief, Ancient Orc, Hellhound

short_ranged Light Ranged (LR): Wild Archer, Bandit, Mist Walker

mage Mage (M): Enchantress, Abbot, Thornrose Mage

heavy_melee Heavy Melee (HM):Swamp Monster, Knight, Orc General

long_ranged Heavy Ranged (HR): Steinling, Cannoneer, Orc Deserter

Units by Province Type:

 Province_type_Marble  Marble: Mist Walker (LR), Knight (HM), Orc General (HM), Cannoneer (HR)

 Province_type_SteelSteel: Thief (LM), Thornrose Mage (M), Knight (HM), Swamp Monster (HM)

 Province_type_PlanksPlanks: Ancient Orc (LM), Bandit (LR), Wild Archer (LR), Orc General (HM)

Province_type_CrystalCrystal: Hellhound (LM), Enchantress (M), Cannoneer (HR), Orc Deserter (HR)

Province_type_ScrollsScrolls: Mist Walker (LR), Ranger* (LR), Abbot (M), Orc Deserter (HR)

Province_type_SilkSilk: Cerberus* (LM), Hellhound (LM), Enchantress (M), Steinling (HR)

Province_type_ElixirElixir: Drone Rider* (LM), Thief (LM), Bandit (LR), and Orc General (HM)

Province_type_MagicDustMagic Dust: Wild Archer (LR), Abbot (M), Enchantress (M), and Steinling (HR)

province_gemsGems: Mistwalker (LR), Knight (HM), Cannoneer (HR), Orc Strategist* (HR), Steinling (HR)

*These units can be trained by the player unlike the enemy units.

Depending on where you are in terms of scouted provinces and the research, the names of the units can/will change. There are 3 levels to each unit with a different name for each, but the base name is usually still evident. You can tell the level you are up against with the stars by the name of the unit in the unit information panel. The more gold stars, the more powerful the unit.


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