Words of War #1

#1 Battle Basics- Reconnaissance

The first thing to keep in mind is never… ever…

fight through the whole battle the first time you enter an encounter. Instead, that first time you enter the battlefield is used to see where the enemy units are and what the terrain looks like.  This is a reconnaissance mission only. We want to review the terrain. Are there barriers? Are there spaces where only one unit can fit through at a time? Is the field wide open? How can you use the terrain it to your advantage? Where are the enemy units located? Are there ranged units that can reach you on their first move?

Can you place units in such a way to avoid their first strike? If you hover over each unit you can see their movement range highlighted on the battlefield. Always find a way to place, or move, your units so that you can get the first strike. You want to get every advantage you can take. First strike can allow you to weaken the enemy, or adversly allow the enemy to weaken you.  Try to use your highest initiative units so that the enemy won’t be allowed to attack during this information-gathering mission.

So now we have scouted the battlefield and have an idea on where to place our units. Now what? We leave the battle and start to think about the next phase of the encounter: the battle itself.

How do I place my units where they need to be? You have 5 unit slots to fill up. Looking at placement on the battlefield your units will place as IV, II, I, III, V. I.  Unit I is in the center, Unit II is just above unit I on the field, unit III is just below center…


Since that first run is basically free to see how the fight is set up, we want to get as much valuable information as we can.

*Update* Mist Walkers have a very high initiative and so this scouting mission may not go as well if you are up against them.

May the ancient ones watch over you in battle!


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