Eloria’s Dwarven Report (Now with More Fairies)

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The Age of Dwarves

In order to smoothly get through the Dwarven and Fairy chapters we can do a few things to get the ball rolling. And it’s a very slow and heavy ball, mind you.

You want your Dwarven Portal upgraded to level 4, at least 12 Granite Mines and 6 Copper Foundries also to level 4.With only 12 Granite Mines you will most likely not be able to gain Granite quickly enough to finish each research and then open new research, and so your Knowledge Points will build up with no research to invest them into. The Ancient Wonders will be your best friend to have a way to dump Knowledge Points and allow the Timer to continue to give you free KP.  For a faster set up, you will want 15-17 Granite and 7 or more Copper Foundries. (A note from Tinc: On Arendyll I had 19 Granite Mines as an experiment and at many points it was too much, and I would be stuck not collecting Granite. So I think that 17 is about the sweet spot.) This setup gets you quickly through the Dwarven research, and will allow a quick and smooth transition from Dwarven to Fairy research and buildings.

The Dwarven Portal must reach level 4 to store enough granite and copper to pass the last few technologies in the Dwarven Age.

The initial building size of the Granite Mines and the Copper Foundries does not change as they are upgraded, but the Dwarven Portal does increases in size. The portal sizes are: 2×2 at level 1, 3×3 at level 2, 4×4 at level 3 and 5×5 at level 4.

To get everything moving, a good path through the research tree after doing the Chapter 6 Advanced Scouts is: Dwarven Portal>Portal Tracks>Granite Mines>Boosted Dwarven Style Tier One Factories>The Other Two Dwarven Style Tier One Factories in the order of your choice>Copper Foundry. You may want to do Dwarven Style Residences before the Tier One Upgrades and Copper Foundries as well since the residences become a bit smaller and you can start to make room for all of those Granite Mines.

So the next question is: when is the best time to remove the Dwarven goods buildings and Portal? It’s definitely player dependent. Here are some considerations to help decide:

  1. After the Dwarven research is completed you don’t need the Dwarven mine or foundry buildings for research or upgrades.
  2. There are quests to build Dwarven buildings, produce goods,  and later to remove the buildings.
  3. After the Research, the only uses for Dwarven buildings are for Dwarven road construction and quests.
  4. You will need a huge amount of space for fairy buildings.

That being said, I started to remove buildings after the roads were built and I started needing the space for fairy buildings. I left a few of each until quests were completed or I needed the space for further fairy upgrades. After the last Mine or Foundry is removed you will no longer require the Dwarven Portal and the only reason to keep the Portal Tracks up is for the Culture that they add.

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The Age of Fairies

Fairy Research order:
1. Fairy Portal Site
2. Flower Lane
3. Day Farm
4. Night Farm

If they are not done in this order, research will get halted due to a lack of fairy production goods.

Buildings: Portal -upgrade to level 4 (need day and night farm goods to upgrade)

Day Farm (build 4 to 6 each – size 5×4) produces 4 types of goods

Night farm (build 3 to 4 each – size 2×7) produces 4 types of goods

The goods produced in the Day and Night farms have time limits similar to Manufactories as opposed to the Granite Mines adding Granite the same way that residences add coins.

Good luck and much fun,

Official Elvenar Dwarves Wiki

Official Elvenar Fairies Wiki


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