Eloria’s Guest Race Reports #2

#2 The Wayfarer’s Tavern and Building Evaluation

I wanted to give a few tips about a tricky Culture Building: the Wayfarer’s Tavern.

Wayfarer’s Tavern -6×4, adds 460 population and 1300 culture

I learned the hard way that this building is not as good as it first seems and here is why:

The Wayfarer’s Tavern is a tricky building to evaluate because there are not very many buildings that add culture and population. Most of the buildings that add culture and population are either only gained by using diamonds (real money D:) or through special events like the Summer Solstice. This double effect makes it very easy to be tempted by the Tavern and when moving on to new research and unlocking newer and better buildings it is very difficult to replace/regain the population that the Tavern adds if you have to remove it for any reason.

On my first worlds, I lost about 2 weeks of build time (and points) replacing them. 😦

To evaluate how good or efficient a building is, we can find how much population and/or culture that building adds per space that it uses in a city. To see how much culture or population any buildings add in relation to how much space it takes up, we have to divide the amount of culture or population by the size of the building.
Size:6×4=24 spaces
Population: (460/24) Each space in your city taken up by the Tavern will give about 19.166 population. 
Culture: (1300/24) Each space in your city that the Wayfarer’s Tavern takes up gives you about 54.166 culture.

Comparing the Tavern to a Residence
By the time we are able to unlock the Wayfarer’s Tavern we will have Dwarven Style Residences unlocked. So we can compare the population that a level 17 residence adds. For Elven Players, a level 17 residence is 2×4 (8 spaces) and adds 470 population. For Human players, a level 17 residence is 5×2 (10 spaces) and adds 610 population.

Elven: 470/8=58.75 population per space used
Human:610/10=61 population per space used

Compared to a residence, the Tavern’s population ratio is very low.

Comparing the Tavern to another Culture Building

Temple of Holy Fire -5×5, adds 2400 culture


The Temple of Holy Fire is unlocked in the same technology as the Wayfarer’s Tavern so it is perfect for comparing the two.
Culture Per Space: 2400/25=96 culture per space used.
Compared to the Temple of Holy Fire, the Tavern’s culture to space ratio is very low.

Tricky Tricky
Since the Wayfarer’s Tavern adds both Culture and Population, to see how it stacks up, we can take the combined size of the level 17 residence with the most efficient (non-diamond purchasable) culture building unlocked by this point in the research: the Temple of Holy Fire. To be fair in our analysis, we’ll factor in the amount of culture that it takes to get the residence to level 17 as well.

For Elves, we add 25 spaces (Temple of Holy Fire) plus 8 (level 17 residence) which equals 33 spaces. Subtract the culture costs of the residence from the Temple culture value. 2400 minus 172=2278.
Culture: 2278/33=~67.5151 compared to 54.166 from the Tavern
Population: 470/33=~14.24 compared to 19.166

For Humans, 25+10 (level 17 residence) which equals 35 spaces. Factor in culture costs: 2400 minus 217=2183.
Culture: 2183/35=~62.3714 compared to 54.166
Population: 610/35=~17.42 compared to 19.166

This analysis does not account for the road space that is needed for the residences, and the roads will add a bit more culture back into the evaluation equation.

So we can see that the Wayfarer’s Tavern adds less than optimal culture for both races (not to mention giving much less culture when polished during visits), but adds about 5 more population per tile for the Elves, and about 2 more population for the Humans. If we consider also that level 18 and 19 residences stay the same size and gain more population, it shows that the Wayfarer’s Tavern is just not as efficient as having one Temple of Holy Fire combined with 1 residence. This is made even weirder by the fact that we don’t need (or want) one Temple of Holy Fire for every one residence we build, giving the combination much more merit than trying to gain everything from the Tavern.
This analysis does not account for the road space that is needed for the residences, and the roads will add a bit more culture back into the evaluation equation.

Population is arguably more important (and harder to come by) than culture for building manufactories and workshops and upgrading them, and so having more houses than culture buildings makes more sense. We also continue to get better and better culture buildings, such as  the Pond of Recreation, which means that as the Tavern gets worse and newer buildings get better, it will be very hard to replace the Tavern’s population, but very easy to replace the culture.

Building one Wayfarer’s Tavern to gain some population and to continue the main questline is perfectly reasonable and, of course, the design of your city is completely up to you. Now, if the Wayfarer’s Tavern produced coins and gave population and culture, then we might have another story on our hands.

Thank you and happy building!


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