Eloria’s Guest Race Reports #3

#3 Dung and Debris! Orcs and Goblins have taken over the city!

The Orcs and Goblins chapter is one of the hardest yet to progress through due to the large building sizes and extremely long production times. This guide should help you to prepare for the Orcs and Goblins. Knowing is half the battle, so don’t get discouraged!

Orcs and Goblins Portal Site

The Orc Portal Site is where we can see our Orc Goods that we have stored. Upgrading the Orc Portal Site gives a production boost to our Mushroom Farms and Rally Points. Since we will need a large number of Mushroom Farms, it is important to upgrade the Portal to level 4 as quickly as possible. You may gain a larger individual boost by upgrading a single Mushroom Farm, but since the Portal increases production for all of the Mushroom Farms and the Orc Rally Points at once, you gain more overall boost from the Portal Upgrades. The production boost increases 20%, 40%, and finally 60%. Upgrading the portal also allows us to increase our storage capacity on Shrooms of Wisdom and Loot.
Unlike the Dwarven Portal Site and Fairy Portal Site which progress in size from 2×2 to 3×3 to 4×4 to 5×5, the Orc Portal grows from 3×4 to 3×5 to 4×5 to 4×6. So it starts out three times the size of the Dwarven and Fairy Portals, but ends up being one space smaller at max level.

Swamp Trail 

In order to connect your Mushroom Farms and Rally Points to the Orc Portal you will need to research the Swamp Trail technology. They cost 69,000 coins and 4800 supplies for each segment, and will add 43 culture per segment.

Mushroom Farm

The Mushroom Farms are 2×2 (4 spaces) and like other settlement buildings they max out at level 4. Each level increases the output of goods with a 400% increase for level 4. You will need Supplies, Hardshrooms and Debris to pay for upgrades. The production runs take a long time and so you will want at least 6 Mushroom Farms per Rally Point.

The goods producible in the Mushroom Farm are:

orcs_hardshroom Hardshrooms are used to upgrade the Orc Settlement buildings and to create Wooden Trail style streets. Hardshrooms will cost Gems to produce and will take 12 hours to finish.

orcs_psychoshroomPsychoshrooms are used as part of the cost to create Debris and Dung in the Rally Point. Psychoshrooms will cost Magic Dust to produce and will take 24 hours to finish.

orcs_powershroom Powershrooms are used as part of the cost to produce Loot and for laying down Wooden Trail style streets. Powershrooms cost Elixir to produce and take 36 hours to complete.

orcs_shroomofwisdom Shroom of Wisdom are used for costs in the Orc Research tree. You will need 10,000+ to finish all of the Orcs and Goblins research. 2200 is the maximum amount the Portal Site will store. Shrooms of Wisdom cost Dung to produce and take 48 hours to complete.

Rally Point

The Orc Rally Point is 5×7 (35 spaces). They are very large! All of the goods made in Rally Points cost Orcs which are produced in the Orc Style Armory (Breeding Grounds). Unlike the Mushroom Farms which gain a production boost with each upgraded level, upgrades to the Rally Point decrease the amount of time that it takes to complete each ‘task’ that you send your Orcs out on. You will need Coins, Hardshrooms and Debris for upgrade costs. Though they are very large, you will probably want 4 or 5 Rally Points to keep a steady stream of tasks going.

The goods producible in the Orc Rally Point are:

orcs_armament Armaments are used as part of the cost to produce Loot. Armaments cost Orcs, Coins, and Supplies. Since they don’t cost “shroom” resources, you can almost always have some Armaments cooking up.

orcs_dung Dung is used to create Shrooms of Wisdom, and you’ll need a ton of Shrooms of Wisdom so you’ll need a ton of Dung. Dung costs Psychoshrooms and Orcs to create and you will, of course, need a nose plug and some gloves.

orcs_debris Debris is used to upgrade Orc Settlement Buildings and to make Wooden Trail style streets. Debris costs Psychoshrooms and Orcs to create. Carefully calculate the amount of Debris you will need for upgrades to other buildings so that once you have reached your target amount you can switch to making more Dung to keep your Shrooms of Wisdom coming in steadily; when the time is right near the end of the research, you can go back to making Debris for your Wooden Trails.

orcs_loot Loot is used for costs in the Orc Research tree. You will need 10,000+ to finish all of the Orcs and Goblins research. The level 4 Portal Site can hold a maximum of 3300 Loot, so be careful when sending Orcs out on Raids. Loot costs Armaments, Powershrooms and Orcs to produce.

Orcs Style Armory

The Orc Style Armory, called the Breeding Ground ( Armory levels 20 through 23), is where we can produce Orcs which we’ll have to send on tasks in the Orc Rally Point. Producing Orcs costs supplies and have production run times of 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours. You can also use the Orcs for negotiating the costs of province encounters on the World Map and you will need them to upgrade Workshops to Orc Style. The Armory upgrades are necessary and are expensive to upgrade to level 20, costing 1800 culture, 650 population, 350,000 coins and 90,000 supplies (this is for Human and Elf players). The  Orc Style Armories increase in size by seven spaces from Fairy Style from 6×3 to 5×5; they increase your training size quite a bit to mitigate the need for too many Armories as far as training troops is concerned. You will probably want at the very least two Breeding Grounds.

Research Order

A good flow through the research at the beginning is: Orcs and Goblins Portal Site > Swamp Trail > Mushroom Farm > Squad Size Upgrade 24 > Armory (Breeding Grounds)> Rally Point.

A Few Final Considerations

The Orcs and Goblins chapter is very costly on Supplies, especially Mushroom Farm upgrades, so make sure to have all of your Workshops in tip-top shape. Tier 3 goods (magic goods: Elixir, Magic Dust, Gems) are also in high demand from all of the Mushroom Farm costs, so save up! If you get stuck in the research tree, Ancient Wonders are probably the best way to unload any Knowledge Points.

Good luck and happy building!

Elvenar Wiki Entry on the Orc Portal Site

Thanks to Robertville for helping with this guide!


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