Fairy Settlement Upgrades

The Dwarves chapter introduces us to the Guest Settlement where we need to set aside room in our city and build new types of buildings. These new buildings store or produce special goods used to upgrade the settlement buildings and to pay costs for unlocking technology in the research tree. The Dwarves chapter has two special goods: Granite and Copper, and both are used for upgrading buildings and for unlocking technologies. The Fairies chapter has the same basic premise, but some of the goods we produce in the Fairy settlement are used for upgrading buildings, and some goods are only used for unlocking new technologies. Sunflowers, Velvet, and Nightshade are used for upgrading the three settlement buildings, and so we can try to calculate how many of these goods we require so that we can avoid overproducing.


It should be noted that Sunflower and Nightshade are also used for laying down Blossom Streets; 138 Sunflower and 68 Nightshade are needed per Blossom Street tile. Sunflowers are like supplies, they have no cost other than time to produce, so you can always produce them if you have some spare time or are out of goods for other productions. Also, Sunflower and Nightshade are the shortest productions in the Fairy Settlement so they can be built up fairly quickly, but this also can be a negative for people that have to be away from the game for work or what have you.

Here are the amounts needed for the three buildings in the Fairy Settlement to reach level 4:

Level 4 Fairy Portal
22,300 Sunflower
5,990 Velvet
8,900 Nightshade

One Level 4 Day Farm
9,950 Sunflower

One Level 4 Night Farm
4,710 Velvet
6,620 Nightshade

At the very least it is recommended that you have 4 Day Farms and 3 Night Farms, which is to say, you should have that amount upgraded to level 4. You can always have more, but you should only need that amount by the end of the chapter. You can calculate the amounts of Sunflower, Velvet and Nightshade you will need based on your plans, but this setup of 4 Day Farms and 3 Night Farms has the following costs (including the portal):

62,100 Sunflower
20,120 Velvet
28,760 Nightshade

Tracking the goods you make can go a long way to helping save time and you can do it while a production is running. Since there are only 3 goods to keep track of, it isn’t too much work to keep track. For example, one way to track your progress is to just use a text edit and when you start a production of one of these three goods, add the amount to what you have produced.

The other Fairy settlement goods include Cocoons and Ambrosia in the Day Farm, and Fireflies, Dream Sheep, and Night Essence in the Night Farm for a total of 8 goods produced in the Fairies settlement. Fireflies are only used to make Ambrosia, while Cocoons and Dream Sheep are only used to make Night Essence. Ambrosia and Night Essence are used to pay costs to activate new tech in the research tree; Ambrosia is also used for Blossom Streets, 11 Ambrosia per tile.

The Fairy chapter requires a good amount of Crafted Goods (tier 2): Nightshade needs Crystal, Dream Sheep need Scrolls, and Velvet need Silk (we see what you did there, Inno!); getting residences to level 18 requires around 1,000 of the Crafted good that is two away from your boost (for example, if your boost is Crystal, Silk is 2 away from your boost). So if you have 30+ residences to get to level 18, you’re looking at 30,000+ non-boosted tier 2 goods. Luckily most of the research only requires tier one and tier three goods, the only techs that need tier two goods are the tier two factory upgrades.

In all, the Fairies chapter is laid out fairly smoothly. The Portal Site only being able to store a certain amount of Ambrosia and Night Essence is probably the biggest problem, so make sure that you plan ahead to be able to collect them in a timely fashion. With Ambrosia, you can always use some on Blossom Streets if you need to make room to store more. You may be able to finish all of your Blossom Streets before finishing the chapter because of this. Night Essence you’ll just have to watch carefully when it is nearly full.

When you are finished with Settlement upgrades, you can switch over to concentrating solely on producing for the tech tree, and you may want to do a little preparing for the Orcs and Goblins chapter which has a similar setup: you will need Hardshrooms and Debris for upgrades and Streets, Shroom of Wisdom and Loot for unlocking research, etc…

Have fun!


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