Woodelves Settlement

Unlike other Guest Race chapters, the Woodelves Settlement isn’t available until we have “fixed” some of the trouble that the Orcs and Goblins caused. The settlement techs are unlocked in the middle of the research tree.

The Woodelves chapter also introduces culture buildings that produce “Mana”. In order to produce mana, these new culture buildings have to be connected to the Main Hall via streets. We gain the Weeping Willow early on to help get a jump on producing mana needed for finishing research and use in settlement buildings. Since we gain the Willow so early in the Woodelves chapter, it may be advisable to skip building a crop of Campfire BBQs to save time. Especially considering that you may need to overhaul your city layout to connect the Willows to Main-Hall-streets and will probably just have to delete them to make room only a few research later.

The Settlement

Forest Glade
– This is the Woodelves Portal Site. Sizes: 4×2, 4×3, 5×3, 5×4. Like other Portal Sites, upgrades increase storage sizes and give a boost to settlement goods production.

Forest Trail– These are the settlement-streets used to connect the Forest Glade to the Forest Fabrications and the Grafting Sites.

Forest Fabrication– The Forest Fabrication is a 4×4 factory style settlement building. It is used to make Mana Tears (3 hours), Wood Ghosts (9 hours), Wind Chimes (9 hours), and Treant Sprouts (9 hours). Mana Tears only use mana as a cost to be produced. Wood Ghosts have a cost of mana and refined marble; Wind Chimes have a cost of mana and refined steel; Treant Sprouts have a cost of mana and refined planks to be produced.

Grafting Sites– Unlike other Guest Race factories, the Grafting Sites cannot be upgraded beyond level one. The grafting sites use their respective tier one good to make goods that are needed for starting productions in the Forest Fabrication. They have similar production times to a regular manufactory: 3 hours, 9 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours.

Marble Grafting Sites are 2×3; Steel Grafting Sites are 3×2; Planks Grafting Sites are 3×3.

The main quest line for the Woodelves chapter gives us some insight into possible numbers of the various settlement buildings that we will need. Quest 50 will ask you to have 6 Marble Grafting Sites, 6 Steel Grafting Sites, and 4 Planks Grafting Sites. Quest 51 will want you to have 4 level two Forest Fabrications. You can build more Forest Fabrications early on to build up Mana Tears while you wait for the Grafting Site techs to be finished. As usual in Guest Race chapters, upgrading the Portal quickly will help boost the entire settlement and so it is usually the best bet over individual factory upgrades.


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