Words of Wisdom # 7

#7 The Tiers of Cross Tier Trades

Cross tier trades are less likely to be taken because many people feel they are unfair. However, there is another problem with cross tier trades that you can have a bit more control over. If we consider that it is best to take trades that demand goods that we have a boost in and that offer those that we are not boosted in, we can get some insight into which cross tier trades are the most likely to be taken and which are the least likely to be taken.

If a trade has two good-types that a city can be boosted in, it means that that trade is less likely to be taken; it has less combinations of cities that will actually want the goods offered. If they can make the offered goods, there really is no reason to take the trade, because you can make more high tiered goods yourself in less time than tier 1 goods, so you are just losing time. There are some boost combinations that cannot happen.

  • If you are Marble boosted you cannot be Scrolls or Magic Dust boosted
  • If you are Steel boosted you cannot be Silk or Gems boosted
  • If you are Planks boosted you cannot be Crystal or Elixir boosted
  • If you are Crystal boosted you cannot be Magic Dust boosted
  • If you are Scrolls boosted you cannot be Gems boosted
  • If you are Silk boosted you cannot be Elixir boosted

The 9 Cities


The boosts that a city cannot have are the goods most likely to be taken by that city, because we want to use our boosted goods to gain non-boosted goods.

If more combinations of boosts have a need for the goods you are offering, the more likely your trades will be taken.

For example, offering Gems and demanding Marble means that only a Marble/Crystal/Elixir city would want the trade. On the other hand, if you offer Magic Dust and demand Marble, all 3 possible Marble boosted cities cannot make Dust themselves, and so the trade has a higher possibility of being taken.

Best to Worst Cross Tier Trades for Each Tier 1 Demand 


Best to Worst Cross Tier Trades for Each Tier 2 Demand


Other Considerations

Offering a three-star trade will also up the chance that a cross tier trade is taken. The ratios in tier-to-tier trading use the difference in Coins and Supplies to determine what is fair; they don’t account for factory size, culture costs, population costs or time. Coins and Supplies are very easy to come by in Elvenar, but time is not. So, giving a little bit of elbow room to compensate for this disparity will go a long way!

To Be Fair

A note on fairness in your frequency of cross tier trades:

These tables only account for offering more expensive tiers of goods than you are demanding. The opposite trades, such as tier 1 offered for tier 2 or 3 demanded, will have a very high chance of being taken. If we only place cross tier trades that are high-tier-offer for low-tier-demand, we are not truly being fair. To be fair, we should offer the opposite (low-tier-offer for high-tier-demand) trades at about the same frequency. Otherwise we are always getting the best possible deal from others and never offering good deals in return.


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