Words of Wisdom #9

#9 Back on the Chain Gang (Ancient Wonder Chain Mail Advantages)

Fellowship chat and the messaging system offer a unique way for us to deal with leveling up Ancient Wonders. There are a few types of Ancient Wonder leveling systems that Fellowships can offer, and one of the easiest to implement is chain mail. It may seem like joining an Ancient Wonder Chain Mail does the same thing as investing in only your own Ancient Wonders, but there are some nice advantages to using the chain.

Typical Setup

Ancient Wonder Chain Mail starts as a message that is addressed to the entire Fellowship. The Subject bar of the message should not be too long so that you can keep track of how many replies are in the thread. The Subject could also have a numbering system for players to more easily keep track of which chain is actually in use.

The first message should explain what is expected of players joining in the chain mail. Include the amount of Knowledge Points (KP) your fellowship will use for each link in the chain, and how you’d like the replies to be formatted. No need to include the dreaded “breaking this chain mail will result in bad luck” spiel!

Forging Links In the Chain

Each member that joins the chain will write in their reply into which Ancient Wonder they want to get KP placed. After writing your reply, go back to the message to see who replied before you and which Wonder they want KP donated to. Head to that players city and give them the allotted amount of KP in the Wonder they chose. Writing your reply first will ensure that no one gets skipped if people post at the same time. The message system will still order the replies, so we simply follow the order of the chain of messages, always giving KP to the person that replied directly before you.

When a message thread reaches around the 200 message mark, it will start to make the mail system load much more slowly. This 200 message mark is when it is time to start a brand new chain mail thread to keep those links forging at maximum speed!


There is no drawback to any player using the chain. You will gain the KP that you put into the chain right back from the next person in the chain, so there is no loss to you. You will, at the very least, stay neutral in your KP investments. It is basically just an initial investment that is guaranteed to be returned to you.

KP being spread throughout Wonders belonging to members of the Fellowship means that it is more likely that Fellowship members will get the rewards. More Fellowship members getting the rewards means the Fellowship grows stronger.

Since you get back what you contribute to the chain, when you do get a reward it is pure value. You are gaining that reward and have gained all KP invested right back. That’s free stuff! And that net gain can go straight back into the chain to further increase your value. In the meantime, you are also leveling up your Wonders to gain powerful effects.

If the allotted amount is 3 KP per chain, joining the chain twice daily will give you 200 KP  about every 33.333 days. Almost one Wonder upgrade a month from just 6 KP everyday.

The only real problem with Chain Mail is that sometimes you may need to dump more than the allotted amount per chain and won’t be able to use the chain to get rid of KP before your timer stops. If your Fellowship forges links in the chain quickly, it might not even be an issue.

In all, joining an Ancient Wonder Chain Mail is beneficial not only to you, but to the entire Fellowship.


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