Words of Wisdom #10

#10 Wholesaler Info (Revert at the Stroke of Midnight)

The Wholesaler allows us to buy non-boosted goods at a marked up price point. Recently, the Wholesaler was changed. One of the changes being that offers now increase in price each time you make a purchase. Here’s some info on the Wholesaler itself, and a strategy for using the timer to have more goods all at once from the Wholesaler.

Whenever you complete a Production Boost technology you will get that tier of non-boosted goods added to the Wholesaler. For example, if you are Planks boosted and you research the Planks Production Boost in chapter one, the Wholesaler will start to offer Marble and Steel for sale.

There are three types of currency usable in the Wholesaler: Boosted Goods, Coins, and Supplies. Tier one boosted goods can only be used to buy non-boosted tier one goods, tier two boosted goods can only be used to buy non-boosted tier two goods, etc… When using goods as currency in the Wholesaler, there is a five to one ratio. Five of your boosted good to purchase one non-boosted. And the amount that you can buy is set in stone, you don’t get to choose.

Every time you make a purchase from the Wholesaler, the cost will increase. The exact increase in cost is equal to half of the initial price. So if your first payment costs 1000 coins, it will increase by 500 coins each purchase. This is true for all of the types of currency. 1000 Marble paid will become 1500 Marble, etc…

As a nod to the newly implemented timer in the Wholesaler, I have a strategy that can help give more goods all at once. This strategy will not work when you simply need to get rid of excess coins or supplies quickly. However, if you use the strategy, it may start to decrease your excess coins and supplies to begin with since you will be spending currency in the trader on a schedule.

The timer reverts everyday at 4:00pm PST for “Spring Forward” daylight savings time, and 5:00pm PST for “Fall Back” daylight savings time. (Innogames is headquartered in Germany, so the timer follows German DST.) On to the strategy!

Wholesaler Timer Strategy
If you have not yet bought any goods for the day, you can wait until the timer is about to reset and before it does, buy a planned amount of goods. Then, as soon as the Wholesaler resets you buy your planned amount of goods for that same price again. This way you can get your goods during a smaller window of time and have more goods available all at once. If you use only one currency, this process will take up two days, if you use 2 types of currency (in the examples, i’ll use coins and supplies), you can do this everyday by alternating currency. It’s important to plan out the amount of price-increases you are willing to allow the wholesaler to go through before you bow out. Keep in mind that each price increase is equal to half of the initial price you paid.

Wholesaler Table One Currency

Wholesaler Table Two Currency

The two-currency table might look odd because Day 2 at 4:00pm is the beginning of the Elvenar day cycle. This means that day 2- 4:00pm until day 2- 3:00pm is 23 hours away from each other the same way that in any given day 12:00am until 11:00pm is 23 hours. In essence, 4:00pm is Elvenar’s 12:00am (at least in the Summer, in the Winter 5:00 will be the timer reset).

This strategy is just to use the timer to our advantage and gain more goods for research, upgrades, province or tournament province negotiations, etc… in a smaller window of time. It may not work with your personal schedule, but it can give a small edge to slice your way to the top!

Elvenar Wiki Wholesaler Entry


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