Ancient Wonders of Tempest

Ancient Wonders Series #3- Ancient Wonders of Tempest

The Ancient Wonders of Tempest are available in Chapter III. After completing the research, the Rune Shard Mini-Game for Endless Excavation and Needles of the Tempest become playable. Needles of the Tempest and Endless Excavation Rune Shards also are added to the runes that can be collected when completing provinces. Like the Secret Ancient Wonders, when construction is completed both the Needles and the Excavation unlock a unique Avatar.

Endless Excavation

AW_LT_Ch3_5x4Endless Excavation Description Screenshot

The Endless Excavation is a Supplies generating Wonder that also gives additional relics when a Province is completed. Unlike the Tome of Secrets giving Supplies each time a Scout comes back from finding new Provinces, the Endless Excavation generates Supplies over a 24 hour period. This effect is similar to a Residence generating coins over a set amount of time, but there is no early collect option on the Excavation.

The amount of Supplies gained over that 24 hour period is connected to the Supplies capacity of your Main Hall. In Chapter 3 when the Tempest Wonders are unlocked, both Humans and Elves will have Superior level Main Halls. Humans will unlock Superior Main Hall before Ancient Wonders of Tempest, and Elves will unlock it after. So our Main Halls should be at superior level by the time we can finish the Excavation Rune Shard Mini-Game. With that in mind, here are some examples of the Excavation’s Supply generation from Superior and on:

Elves- Excavation Level 1
MH Supply Capacity Supplies per 24 Hours
10 160,000 4,800
15 440,000 13,200
17 570,000 17,100
19 770,000 23,100
Humans- Excavation Level 1
MH Supply Capacity Supplies per 24 Hours
8 91,000 2,730
15 440,000 13,200
17 570,000 17,100
19 770,000 23,100

The relics effect amount is similar to the Knowledge Point amounts of the Tome of Secrets. Each tier of the Excavation (1, 6, 11, 16) adds a relic to each completed Province. So for levels 1-5 you will gain one extra relic, levels 6-10 you will gain 2 extra relics, etc… The extra relics can be used in a few ways. If they are boosted relics, you can get your boost increased faster to make more goods for research, trades, or just general hoarding purposes. Non-boosted relics can be used to keep the Magic Academy transmogrifying those relics into spells. Extra relics can also come in handy for leveling up Ancient Wonders. Tournaments are technically a better way to gain Relics than the Excavation, and the Tome of Secrets may be better for generating supplies since it is generally buildable earlier and is a bit smaller.

You will need to invest and/or have help investing:

Level KP
2-5 998
7-10 2,020
12-15 2,820
17-20 3,500
Grand Total: 9,338 KP

Excavation Avatar
This avatar becomes available when construction completes for the Endless Excavation.

Needles of the Tempest

AW_LT_Ch3_3x5_0009Needles of the Tempest Description Screenshot

The Needles of the Tempest is a very powerful Military Wonder, and it is the first Military Wonder accessible in the research (at one point in the games history Martial Monastery/The Sanctuary were the first Military Wonders). Increasing your Barracks training speed can be crucial for keeping troops ready during Tournaments, and the buff to Light Ranged Units can be a boon as well. All of your Light Ranged units will be strengthened by the Needles, not just those produced in the Barracks.

Training speed is somewhat of a mystery*. The number doesn’t really make any sense. It’s not a percentage, and the game doesn’t tell us what the base training speed means to compare it and calculate what the increases mean. We do know the increase percentages that at Needles of the Tempest does per level. Level 1, for example, increases your Barracks training speed by 15%.

Level 1 increases the damage done by Light Ranged units by 106%, which translates to a 6% increase added to the regular damage they do. This need to ignore the 100 part of the percentage is made clear in the Watchtower Ruins which at 118% (level 4) Neighborly Help Bonus actually only increases the amount by 18%. However, the 18% is added to the regular number (which is the 100% part of the value). A Weeping Willow, which adds 3,500 culture, gives 4,130 culture for the neighborly help bonus with Watchtower at level 4. 18% of 3,500 is 630. 3,500 plus 630 is 4,130. (I hope this makes sense, because it’s a sort of convoluted way for the game to show the value.)

Steel Provinces (this includes Steel Tournament Provinces) have Mage and Heavy Melee units in the makeup of the enemy squads. The Needles can do some serious work here since Light Ranged units are strong against both Mage and Heavy Melee types.

If you rely mainly on Negotiating Provinces and Tournaments, this Wonder is probably not for you. But it is a powerful Wonder for anyone interested in getting to the top in Tournaments.

You will need to invest and/or have help investing:

Level KP
2-5 858
7-10 1,750
12-15 2,420
17-20 3,020
Grand Total: 8,048 KP
Needles Avatar
This Avatar is available after construction of Needles of the Tempest is complete.

You can find the Research Rewards for the Endless Excavation and the Needles of the Tempest here and here respectively from CrazyWizard.

*We are compiling more data on Training Speed, as of Publication, to get more info for a reference post on Training Size and Speed. tu


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