Words of Wisdom #11

#11 Hotkeys- Unlocking a Natural Speed Boost

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts. They are used by pressing a specific character on the keyboard while in-game to accomplish certain actions. Hotkeys can give a welcome speed boost to gameplay. If you’re in a hurry, or just like to do things quickly, hotkeys bypassing Giant-Snail-Palace-Speed mouse drags and clicks is just what the Locksmith ordered.

The possible Hotkeys, ordered in QWERTY keyboard form, are (‡ = Hotkey will work while you are in another player’s city):

Hotkeys that take you to different areas of the game:
W- Sends you to the World Map ‡
R- Sends you to the Chapter Research area
C- Takes you back to your own city (only works when away from your city)

Hotkeys that open Windows:
T- Opens the Trader Window
I- Opens your Inventory (Opens to Spell Inventory, Tab key will go to Event Buildings)
A- Opens the Ancient Wonders Window
S- Opens the Relics tab of the Main Hall Window (especially handy when you do not want to collect any coins from Main Hall neighborly help and you need to see your relics or other info about your Main Hall)
F- Opens the Members tab of the Fellowship Window ‡
H- Opens the Players tab of the Rankings Window ‡
L- Opens the Logout Prompt ‡
B- Opens the Buildings Window to start construction
N- Opens the Notifications Window
M- Opens the Messages Window (goes directly to your inbox)

If there are tabs in a window, such as the Messages Window having 3 tabs (Inbox, Compose, Outbox), you can hit the Tab key on your keyboard to move between tabs.

If there are multiple pages in a window (or tab of a window) you can use the left ← and right → directional keys to go to the next or a previous page. (9 pages is generally the maximum number allowed per tab)

When in the city of someone you have discovered or are in a Fellowship with:
E- Brings up the Hands for giving Neighborly Help

When in the ‘Produce’ tab of a Manufactory Window:
1- Start a 3 hour production run
2- Start a 9 hour production run
3- Start a 24 hour production run
4- Start a 48 hour production run

When in the ‘Produce’ tab of a Workshop:
1- Start a 5 minute production of supplies
2- Start a 15 minute production of supplies
3- Start a 1 hour production of supplies
4- Start a 3 hour production of supplies
5- Start a 9 hour production of supplies
6- Start a 24 hour production of supplies

When in the ‘Produce’ tab of the Magic Academy:
1- Queue up a Power of Provision spell
2- Queue up an Ensorcelled Endowment spell
3- Queue up a Magical Manufacturing spell
4- Queue up an Inspiring Meditation spell

If the spell that you want to create is not already highlighted, pressing the appropriate hotkey once will highlight that spell, then pressing it again will send it to the queue. So if you want to create 2 Inspiring Meditations, but Power of Provision is highlighted, you press 4 to move the highlight to Inspiring Meditation, and then press 4 twice more to add them to the queue.

Settlement buildings that have production runs similar to a Manufactory or Workshop will also use the number system above to start productions. The Copper Foundry from the Dwarves Settlement, for example, is identical to a Manufactory run- “1” starts a 3 hour run, “2” starts a 9 hour run, etc…

When in the Training Tab of the Barracks/Training Grounds/Mercenary Camp Window:
1- Queue up Light Melee Units
2- Queue up Light Ranged Units
3- Queue up Mage Units
4- Queue up Heavy Melee Units
5- Queue up Heavy Ranged Units (Mercenary Camp has no HR option as of yet)

Much like the Magic Academy queue, if the unit type you want to train is not already highlighted, you will first have to hit the respective number to highlight that unit type. As an example, to train five slots of Mage troops, you need to press the 3 key a total of six times. One time to highlight the Mage type, five times to put them into the training queue.
You will have to set the amount of units that you want trained manually if you do not want to train the maximum amount.

When you are in a Province:
The number keys (1 through 8) will move you between the 8 encounters (for a tournament 1 through 4). This comes in handy for seeing the negotiation costs for all encounters or to see all of the enemy troops for all of the encounters without having to click each Encounter and close it and click the next and close it and click the next, etc…

Gems Province Encounter Numbers300x300
A Gems Province and the numbers for each encounter.

The + key will zoom in on your city (if you are zoomed out)
The – key will zoom out (if you are zoomed in)

Neighborly Help and Hotkeys
While doing Neighborly Help Rounds, especially Fellowship Rounds, the “E” and “F” hotkeys will speed up visits considerably.
Here’s the sequence:

  1. Start in your city and hit the F key, opening your Fellowship’s “Members” tab.
  2. Click on the house icon next to the first member’s name to visit them
  3. Hit the E key to bring up the Helping Hands.
  4. Click on the player’s preferred building. (Check city title for any preferred help)
  5. Hit the F Key to go back to the “Members” tab and head to the next member’s city.
  6. Rinse and repeat until rounds are finished.

You may be surprised at how much this will speed up your rounds, reducing the need for much of the mouse dragging that would usually be needed. Also of note here is that you can hit E before a city has even loaded to do ultra-speedy visits, especially if you know where the buildings you want to click are before it loads. Cities default at loading with the Main Hall as centered as possible. Using the arrow keys to navigate the pages of Fellowship Members will also speed things up.

While doing World Map visits, a similar sequence is used. Simply replace the F hotkey with the W hotkey to get back to the World Map when heading to the next city.

If you use the Notifications Window to give help to players that do regular visits that are not in your Fellowship, you can use N to open Notifications. Click the player’s Name, click visit, hit E to give help. Once you’re done, click C, followed by N to get back to notifications(N only works in your city). Note that you can do the C-N sequence very quickly, opening Notifications rapidly.

It should be noted that you may need to click out of Fellowship Chat for the Hotkeys to work, otherwise you’ll be typing a very Cryptic message into Chat.

Hotkeys are a major boon to gameplay. From decreasing the amount of downtime between productions for squeezing more runs in each day, to decreasing visiting times considerably, they are a very nice way to get the most from your time. And time is our biggest enemy in Elvenar.


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