Sorcerers and Dragons Settlement

Surprise, surprise! The Sorcerers and Dragons settlement is big! The level 4 Campus alone takes up 100 tiles. Here is your guided tour of campus life on Elvenar, with info on the settlement as well as a few possible Faculty layouts.

Settlement Buildings:
Wisdom Square– The Wisdom Square attracts Apprentices to your campus.

Campus– The Campus acts as the Sorcerers and Dragons Portal.

Alchemy Faculty (4×4)- Produces Crystal Flasks, Alchemists, Alchemy Necromancers, Arcane Alchemists

Arcane Faculty (4×6)- Produces Arcane Scrolls, Arcanologists, Arcane Necromancers, Arcane Alchemists

Necromancy Faculty (5×5)- Produces Soulcatchers, Necromancers, Alchemy Necromancers, Arcane Necromancers

Goods Overview:
Gr5_apprentices Apprentices– Apprentices are auto-produced by the Wisdom Square. You start with a base production of 6 Apprentices every 24 hours. Then you gain additional apprentices for each level of the faculties that you have built multiplied by 6. So if you add one level one faculty, you will gain 12 Apprentices every 24 hours (6+6); if you have 6 faculties all at level 4 you will gain 150 appretinces (24×6)+6.
Try to be careful about early collecting Apprentices. The production will start over as soon as you collect them. If you can early collect after every 4 hours, but you collect six hours into the production, you will have lost 2 hours worth of Apprentice creation. So take care around that Wisdom Square.

The goods used for upgrading the settlement:
Gr5_arcanescrolls Arcane Scrolls– Made in the Arcane Faculty
Gr5_crystalflasks Crystal Flasks– Made in the Alchemy Faculty
Gr5_soulcatchers Soul Catchers– Made in the Necromancy Faculty
These will have a cost of tier 2 goods (Crystal for Crystal Flasks, Scrolls for Arcane Scrolls, Silk for Soul Catchers) and Mana to produce.

3 types of Undergraduates:
Gr5_necromancers Necromancers
Gr5_alchemists Alchemists
Gr5_arcanists Arcanologists
Undergraduates are used to produce Graduates. Undergraduates will cost Apprentices and Mana to produce.

3 Types of Graduates:
Gr5_necroalchemists Alchemy Necromancers
Gr5_arcanealchemists Arcane Alchemists
Gr5_arcanenecromancers Arcane Necromancers
Graduates are used as costs in the Research Tree. Graduates will cost Undergraduates and Mana to Produce.

Settlement Layout
Concerning the number of Faculties to build, there is a non-declinable quest to have three of each faculty. There is also a non-declinable quest to have a level 4 Campus. So if you plan on keeping up with the main quests, you will want to be able to set aside enough space for three of each faculty and a level 4 Campus. 75 tiles for Necromancy Faculties, 48 tiles for Alchemy Faculties, 72 tiles for Arcane Faculties, and 100 tiles for the level 4 campus. A total of 295 tiles.

It is possible to have four of each Faculty, but only with a level 4 Campus.

The above images illustrate three possible ways of getting four of each faculty against a level 4 campus. These variations can be inverted so that the Wisdom Square is on the opposite side of the Campus. There really is not much wiggle room here. The Wisdom Square needs to be in a place where either it or a faculty runs parallel with the top edge of the Campus. Besides swapping a few corner Faculties, there really is not much you can do to change a setup with four of each Faculty.

S&D Cant fit last faculty

With the Wisdom Square above the campus, as in the image above, we are unable to fit the last 5×5 Necromancy Faculty.

Here are a few more layouts having different levels of the campus with an example city layout as well:

Example City layout level 1 campusExample layout level 2 campusExample layout Level 3 Campus

It is possible to have 3 of each Faculty as soon as we have a level 2 Campus. The Campus is very important to upgrade quickly. You will be able to get more faculties onto a bigger campus, and therefore get your goods produced more quickly.

An example of a 16×16 grid fitting enough faculties and the level 4 Campus needed to finish non-declinable quests during Chapter X.

Elvenar Wiki Entry for Sorcerers and Dragons

Time to hit the books! Have fun!


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