Elven & Human Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders Series #4- Elven and Human Ancient Wonders

Elven Ancient Wonders and Human Ancient Wonders are unlocked at the end of Chapter IV. After completing the research, Elves unlock the Rune Shard Mini-Game for the Martial Monastery and the Crystal Lighthouse, and Humans unlock the Rune Shard Mini-Game for the Sanctuary and the Great Bell Spire; those Rune Shards are added the players list of Rune Shards that are winnable by completing Provinces on the World Map. These Wonders also add a visual element to the outside of the city for a bit of pizazz.
A Rose By Any Other Name

As far as effects go, the Martial Monastery and the Sanctuary technically are the same building; the Crystal Lighthouse and the Great Bell Spire are the same building. However, Elves players cannot build the Sanctuary or the Great Bell Spire and Humans cannot build the Martial Monastery or the Crystal Lighthouse. The orientation of the Wonders is also different for the Crystal Lighthouse (6×4) compared to the Great Bell Spire (4×6); Martial Monastery and The Sanctuary are both 5×5. These are the only Wonders (so far) that share effects but have different graphics for the two races.

Martial Monastery/The Sanctuary

Martial Mon The Sanctuary Descrip Screenshot

The Martial Monastery and the Sanctuary (MM/tS) are Military Wonders that boost the health of all troop types in your Army Camp. Military Wonders are an interesting conundrum for us. There isn’t as much overlap in their effects, and so we need to build a larger number of them to get all of the benefits to our military strength. As an example of this, we’ve already seen two Wonders that give us supplies in the two previous Ancient Wonder Articles (Endless Excavation and Tome of Secrets), and there is a third in the Fairies Chapters (Prosperity Towers). So we have a few options to choose from for Wonders dealing with gaining Supplies, whereas most Military Wonders focus on strengthening one troop type, or adding one type of troop to our Army Camp. Martial Monastery/The Sanctuary buffing all of the troop types makes it probably the most well rounded of the Military Wonders.

To train troops we need to pay with Supplies and Time. The Culture added by MM/tS affects our Supply production by helping to bump our culture bonus up and giving us more supplies in a shorter amount of time. This secondary effect synergizes well with training troops and can make MM/tS a very efficient culture building in its own right.

You will need to invest and/or have help investing:

Level KP
2-5 1,129
7-10 2,300
12-15 3,220
17-20 3,990
Grand Total: 10,639 KP

Crystal Lighthouse/The Great Bell Spire

Crystal Lighthouse GBS Descrip

*The most recent changes to the Lighthouse and Bell Spire have made much of this info obsolete, and we are working on updating the info* Crystal Lighthouse/The Great Bell Spire gives a boost to Neighborly Help that you give and that you receive. When you give Neighborly Help and there is a treasure chest , you will gain an amount of one of your Boosted goods to your stockpile of goods. When someone else gives you Neighborly Help on a Culture Building, that help bonus will last longer.

The amount of Boosted Goods that you gain from giving Neighborly Help is connected to the amount of Provinces that you have completed. The table below shows the amount of provinces needed for the chapter after you unlock the Elven/Human Wonders (since this is generally when you’ll finish the Rune Shard Mini-Game) and a few more required Province counts to unlock Advanced Scouts researches going forward from Chapter IV.

Crystal Lighthouse/The Great Bell Spire- Level 1
Chapter Required Provinces Goods Per Visit
6 100 30
7 130 39
8 160 48
190 770,000 57

So for a level 1 Crystal Lighthouse/The Great Bell Spire in Chapter 6, just doing Neighborly Help Visits within a fellowship gives 720 Boosted Goods. Not a bad deal for something that takes about 5 minutes. The Lighthouse/Bell Spire really gives back the more you put into doing visits.

The Culture Bonus duration increase to Neighborly Help that you gain is set by the level of your Crystal Lighthouse/The Great Bell Spire, being 30% longer at level one. (Like the Martial Monastery/The Sanctuary, the Wonder will say 130% for the duration increase, but the 100 part of that percentage is the normal amount of time for a polish, 8 hours which is then increased by 30%) This secondary effect can be problematic when a city does not have enough Culture Buildings to get a polish when a long Main Hall upgrade is in progress. Especially in an active Fellowship or with many active neighbors, they may be unable to give help if the CL/GBS is increasing the duration of culture building bonuses and can’t click on the Main Hall or Builder’s Hut. It is is a very small problem, and somewhat niche, but worth noting.

You will need to invest and/or have help investing:

Level KP
2-5 1,115
7-10 2,250
12-15 3,130
17-20 3,900
Grand Total: 10,395 KP

Research rewards for the Monastery/Sanctuary and the Lighthouse/Bell Spire can be found here and here respectively at Crazywizard.info. There are also tables for each Wonder to find Culture gained by MM/tS and to find goods gained by CL/GBS.


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