Fellowship Adventure Overview

Here is a quick overview of Fellowship Adventures. We’ll be updating this page with new info and strategies as more info becomes known.

Basically, we make badges (there are 10 different badges to make) and use those badges on the Adventure Map. There are three difficulty levels, similar to the star rounds found in tournaments. Any path can be used to get to the end-point, or the whole map can be finished to gain more rankings toward better prizes.
Beta Forum Adventure Announcement

The Reoccurring Quests
There are ten reoccurring quests (the game calls them “reocurring quests”)

Workshop Badges
Dwarven Brewery– Produce Beverages 50 times (5 minute Workshop)
Treant Guild– Produce Simple Tools 30 times(15 minute Workshop)
Bakers Guild– Produce Bread 20 times (1 hour Workshop)
Carpenters Guild– Produce Advanced Tools 10 times (3 hour Workshop)
Farmer’s Delight– Produce Basket of Groceries 5 times (9 hour Workshop)
Blacksmith Guild– Produce Toolbox 5 times (1 day Workshop)

Manufactory Badges
Each Manufactory badge requires productions from all three of the Tier 1 Manufactories. To complete one badge, you must collect from a Marble, a Steel, and a Planks Factory.
Luxurious Flacon– (3 hour) Produce Marble Mosaic, produce Precious Ring, produce Wooden Figurines 1 time.
Golden Bracelet– (9 hour) Produce Decorative Pillars, produce Warrior Mask, produce Wooden Chest.
Diamond Necklace– (1 day) Produce Admirable Altar, produce Giant Globe, produce Luxury Armchair.
Elegant Statue– (2 day) Produce Fabulous Fountain, produce Elegant Furnace, produce Royal Bed.

*New badges from January 2018 Adventure on Beta*
Enchantment Badges
Wand– Gain 1 Magical Manufacturing; Gain 100 Planks.
Magic Potion– Gain 1 Ensorcelled Endowment; Gain 100 Elixir.
Witch Hat– Gain 1 Power of Provision; Gain 100 Silk.

*New Badges from February 2018 Adventure on Beta*
Wonder Society– Donate 10 Knowledge Points to another player’s Ancient Wonder.
Elvarian Guard– Recruit a Mighty Amount of Troops. The amount of Troops needed is three times your current Squad Size.
Sack of Coins– Gain a Good Amount of Coins. The amount of coins is Chapter dependent.

You will get two quest slots for the Adventure. The quests are declinable, and will loop through the cycle endlessly, so you can find the right quest for what you are currently doing. For example, you can cycle to the Farmer’s Delight Quest if you have your factories set to run on 9 hours while you sleep, then collect them and finish that quest as soon as you log on for the day. Then you can cycle back to the next quest that you’d like to finish.

If your Fellowship is completing multiple paths on a level, it is best to only get to the very last waypoint on one of the three paths. All three paths give zero Ranking Points for the very last waypoint in that path. This means that it is best to ignore the last waypoint on two of the paths, and only finish the last waypoint on one of the paths. So let’s say there are 8 waypoints per path, with 3 paths. You will do 8 out of 8 waypoints for one path, and only 7 out of 8 waypoints for the other two paths. This also means that choosing the “cheapest” final waypoint will be the best from a strategic standpoint. Cheapest meaning either the least amount of badges, or the badges that are easiest for your Fellowship to produce.


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