Words of Wisdom #12 (A Quick Guide to Puffin)

#12 A Quick Guide to Playing Elvenar on Mobile Devices Using the Puffin Browser

Elvenar Mobile is getting closer to seeing a release. Until then, Puffin is a great option for when you are away from your computer, and have your phone handy.

Puffin is a Web Browsing App for mobile devices. It is free to download and can use Flash elements to allow us to play Elvenar while away from the computer. There are a few things to note when using Puffin.

You will have to download Puffin to your phone first and foremost. It is a free app, though, and shouldn’t break the bank as far as the size of the app goes either.

Once downloaded, you can browse your way to Elvenar like any other website, log in, and go to the World that you want to work on.

This is where you may hit a roadblock. Once your city is loaded, hold your phone in “landscape” mode (horizontally instead of vertically). Once you are in landscape mode, you will need to tap on the three bars in the top right corner of the browser (to the right of where you type in a url). After tapping the three bars, you will see a drop-down menu. Scroll through the drop down menu until you see “Theater”. Tapping on Theater will lock the screen in place and allow you to drag around your city the same way that a mouse or trackpad would on the computer. Now the game is ready for you to move around and tap on Factories or Workshops to get your city back up and running.

In the bottom left corner there is a Keyboard Icon. Tapping the keyboard icon brings up your keyboard for typing in chat, sending messages or even using hotkeys for things like opening the trader or doing Neighborly Help.

In the bottom right corner is an ellipsis icon where you can change the quality of Flash being used by Puffin, bring up the keyboard, activate a Mouse function, activate a GamePad function which puts a controller over the screen (not very useful for Elvenar), or Exit theater mode to get the URL bar back onto the screen to browse other sites or get to another World that you play in.

Only 3 of the Questgivers will be clickable, and so you may have to wait to finish the bottom Questgiver’s quest. Be wary with the Summer Solstice style events because it is very easy to misclick on one of the prize boxes when you did not intend to.

Be careful if you are manually fighting provinces, because misclicks can happen on smaller screened devices and can lead to negative results.

And, of course, just like any other mobile browser, Puffin will use data. But since we are only using it to quickly collect and reset our city, it shouldn’t take all that much data.

Overall, Puffin is a very handy option when you are away from your main Elvenar device and need to collect things in a timely manner and get Factories and Workshops running. Enjoy!


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