Elven & Human Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders Series #4- Elven and Human Ancient Wonders

Elven Ancient Wonders and Human Ancient Wonders are unlocked at the end of Chapter IV. After completing the research, Elves unlock the Rune Shard Mini-Game for the Martial Monastery and the Crystal Lighthouse, and Humans unlock the Rune Shard Mini-Game for the Sanctuary and the Great Bell Spire; those Rune Shards are added the players list of Rune Shards that are winnable by completing Provinces on the World Map. These Wonders also add a visual element to the outside of the city for a bit of pizazz. Click through for more info.


Ancient Wonders of Tempest

Ancient Wonders Series #3- Ancient Wonders of Tempest

The Ancient Wonders of Tempest are available in Chapter III. After completing the research, the Rune Shard Mini-Game for Endless Excavation and Needles of the Tempest become playable. Needles of the Tempest and Endless Excavation Rune Shards also are added to the runes that can be collected when completing provinces. Like the Secret Ancient Wonders, when construction is completed both the Needles and the Excavation unlock a unique Avatar.
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The Secret Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders Series #2- Secret Ancient Wonders

The Secret Ancient Wonders are unlocked in Chapter II. Once unlocked, the Rune Shard Mini-Game is playable for the Tome of Secrets and the Golden Abyss, and the player will add those Rune Shards to the list of random Runes that are possible when completing provinces on the World Map. Both of the Secret Wonders give the player access to a new avatar when construction is complete. Read on for more info.

Words of Wisdom #9

#9 Back on the Chain Gang (Ancient Wonder Chain Mail Advantages)

Fellowship chat and the messaging system offer a unique way for us to deal with leveling up Ancient Wonders. There are a few types of Ancient Wonder leveling systems that Fellowships can offer, and one of the easiest to implement is chain mail. It may seem like joining an Ancient Wonder Chain Mail does the same thing as investing in only your own Ancient Wonders, but there are some nice advantages to using the chain. Continue reading

The Rune Shard Mini Game

Ancient Wonders Series #1: The Basics- Rune Shard Mini Game

Each Ancient Wonder requires the player to win a Rune Shard mini-game before it can be constructed. The rune shard mini-game consists of 9 slots that need to be filled in with rune shards gained from completing provinces, from tournament rewards or event rewards. You win the mini-game when all 9 slots have been filled.

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