Building Level Reference

Here’s a reference guide for the levels  of buildings and in which chapters those levels are unlocked. Human and Elven buildings have their own sections. The Training Grounds and Mercenary Camp are the same for both races so they will be shown at the very bottom. To show which chapter the building levels are unlocked in, the banner icons from the beginning of that research chapter will be used. This guide can be used to easily see if any of your buildings can be upgraded, or when they can be upgraded.  Continue reading


Words of Wisdom #9

#9 Back on the Chain Gang (Ancient Wonder Chain Mail Advantages)

Fellowship chat and the messaging system offer a unique way for us to deal with leveling up Ancient Wonders. There are a few types of Ancient Wonder leveling systems that Fellowships can offer, and one of the easiest to implement is chain mail. It may seem like joining an Ancient Wonder Chain Mail does the same thing as investing in only your own Ancient Wonders, but there are some nice advantages to using the chain. Continue reading

Words of Wisdom #8

#8 Rocky Roads Take Me Home (The Importance of Orcs and Goblins Streets)

The Woodelves chapter introduces us to Mana, a new “good” that is used to get through the chapter. Mana is generated by the newly acquired culture buildings in the Woodelves research and, as a new twist on the game mechanics, these culture buildings need to be connected to streets in order to produce mana. Mana-producing culture buildings also need a street connection just to be built, unlike previous culture buildings that could be constructed anywhere in the city. This street connection requirement makes the Rocky Road (Humans) and Wooden Trail (Elves) technology unlocked in the Orcs and Goblins chapter a bit more potent than previous street technologies. Since you will need more city space dedicated to streets in order to connect culture buildings for mana, those streets adding culture now becomes even more powerful.  Continue reading

Words of Wisdom # 7

#7 The Tiers of Cross Tier Trades

Cross tier trades are less likely to be taken because many people feel they are unfair. However, there is another problem with cross tier trades that you can have a bit more control over. If we consider that it is best to take trades that demand goods that we have a boost in and that offer those that we are not boosted in, we can get some insight into which cross tier trades are the most likely to be taken and which are the least likely to be taken. Continue reading

The Rune Shard Mini Game

Ancient Wonders Series #1: The Basics- Rune Shard Mini Game

Each Ancient Wonder requires the player to win a Rune Shard mini-game before it can be constructed. The rune shard mini-game consists of 9 slots that need to be filled in with rune shards gained from completing provinces, from tournament rewards or event rewards. You win the mini-game when all 9 slots have been filled.

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Fairy Settlement Upgrades

The Dwarves chapter introduces us to the Guest Settlement where we need to set aside room in our city and build new types of buildings. These new buildings store or produce special goods used to upgrade the settlement buildings and to pay costs for unlocking technology in the research tree. The Dwarves chapter has two special goods: Granite and Copper, and both are used for upgrading buildings and for unlocking technologies. The Fairies chapter has the same basic premise, but some of the goods we produce in the Fairy settlement are used for upgrading buildings, and some goods are only used for unlocking new technologies. Sunflowers, Velvet, and Nightshade are used for upgrading the three settlement buildings, and so we can try to calculate how many of these goods we require so that we can avoid overproducing.

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A Quick Guide to Diamonds

Games that are free to play (F2P) that offer micro-transactions are colloquially known as “freemium” games. In most of these so called freemium games, the player’s time is the main currency used to stay away from using their real-life wallet, and so most, if not all, of the features that can be purchased in-game decrease the amount of time that it would normally take for a F2P account to get to the same point. Elvenar is no exception to the freemium structure that many games embrace, with Diamonds being Elvenar’s in-game currency only obtainable by spending real money. The nature of the research tree affects some of the features that are available for diamond-purchase, because better and better technology is unlocked as you progress through the tree, and better and better premium features become available as well. It should be noted that diamonds are never required to play Elvenar, they are completely optional. So which premium features are the most valuable?
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Uncultured Orcs

The size of the Orc Rally Point is huge! Thirty-five spaces. As a comparison, the Main Hall is one space larger for Elf players and seven spaces larger for Human players. Lengthy production runs in the Mushroom Farms (where 12 hours is the shortest production time) necessitate a large amount of Farms to keep things running smoothly, somewhat like the Granite Mines of the Dwarves Chapter. These aspects make a good argument for embracing an unusual strategy to get through the Orcs research. In continuing the theme of the Orcs and Goblins Chapter, here is a run down on some considerations that you can make about how you may want to continue.

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