Tournament Preparation

Each Province type will need different strategies for being able to effectively navigate to the top, from which units to train in preparation, to which types of goods to stock up on for catering. Here are some general tournament prep tips, and links to each Province type for more specifics on each of the different tournaments.

Tournaments will occur in the following order and then loop back and repeat:
1. good_marble_small 2.good_steel_small 3. good_planks_small 4. good_crystal_small 5. good_scrolls_small 6. good_silk_small 7. good_elixir_small 8. good_magic_dust_small 9. good_gems_small

For our Pacifists out there, here’s some info on Catering Tournaments. This will also apply to negotiating Province Encounters on the World Map. The majority of goods that you will need for catering Tournament Provinces will follow a pattern. The chapter you are in will influence the goods needed, especially when Armory Orcs begin showing up in catering costs (this should happen near the end of chapter 8).

There are three combinations of goods to keep in mind when stocking up on goods for a Tournament:
(Marble, Crystal, Elixir)
(Steel, Scrolls, Magic Dust)
(Planks, Silk, Gems)
To know which goods you need the most in a given province, find that province within the 3 combinations. The combination that it is found in will have the majority of the goods that you will need for catering. So for an Elixir Tournament, you will need mainly Marble, Crystal, and Elixir for catering purposes; for a Planks Tournament, you will need mainly Planks, Silk, and Gems; etc… Knowing this, you can get a good head start on trades to not fall behind where you want your goods and have to play catch up afterwards.


Main and Support Units
Each province will use a 3 unit-type combination (I call these Provincial Combinations) to create the enemy squads found in each encounter. These Provincial Combinations will have two types that share a weakness, and one unit type that is a “counter” unit. For example, a Crystal Province will use the combination of Light Melee, Mage, Heavy Ranged. Within this combination, Light Melee and Heavy Ranged share a weakness to Heavy Melee. This makes Heavy Melee the Main Unit to use in a Crystal Province.

A quick run-down of the Main Units-
Marble & Gems: Mage
Steel: Light Ranged
Planks & Elixir: Heavy Ranged
Crystal & Silk: Heavy Melee
Scrolls & Magic Dust: Light Melee

Support units are the types that only have a strength against one of the enemy types. In the Crystal province example, Heavy Ranged units are strong against Light Melee units, and about even against other Heavy Ranged units. They are weak against Mage units, however. This makes Heavy Ranged a decent Support unit in a Crystal Province when facing the unit types that it is strong against.

Auto Versus Manual Fighting

Autofighting will save time, but will lead to higher troop casualties. Manual fighting will take more time, but will allow you to save more troops for future battles.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 3.15.15 AM*Under Construction*
For more information on the Main and Support units and other tips specific to a certain Province, follow the links below.

Magic Dust