Words of Wisdom #13: Broken Shard Farming

A step by step guide to using Ancient Wonders that are ready to be built but you don’t actually want to build/keep to gain a few extra Broken Shards.

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Words of Wisdom #12 (A Quick Guide to Puffin)

#12 A Quick Guide to Playing Elvenar on Mobile Devices Using the Puffin Browser

Elvenar Mobile is getting closer to seeing a release. Until then, Puffin is a great option for when you are away from your computer, and have your phone handy.

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Elven & Human Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders Series #4- Elven and Human Ancient Wonders

Elven Ancient Wonders and Human Ancient Wonders are unlocked at the end of Chapter IV. After completing the research, Elves unlock the Rune Shard Mini-Game for the Martial Monastery and the Crystal Lighthouse, and Humans unlock the Rune Shard Mini-Game for the Sanctuary and the Great Bell Spire; those Rune Shards are added the players list of Rune Shards that are winnable by completing Provinces on the World Map. These Wonders also add a visual element to the outside of the city for a bit of pizazz. Click through for more info.

Words of Wisdom #11

#11 Hotkeys- Unlocking a Natural Speed Boost

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts. They are used by pressing a specific character on the keyboard while in-game to accomplish certain actions. Hotkeys can give a welcome speed boost to gameplay. If you’re in a hurry, or just like to do things quickly, hotkeys bypassing Giant-Snail-Palace-Speed mouse drags and clicks is just what the Locksmith ordered.

Ancient Wonders of Tempest

Ancient Wonders Series #3- Ancient Wonders of Tempest

The Ancient Wonders of Tempest are available in Chapter III. After completing the research, the Rune Shard Mini-Game for Endless Excavation and Needles of the Tempest become playable. Needles of the Tempest and Endless Excavation Rune Shards also are added to the runes that can be collected when completing provinces. Like the Secret Ancient Wonders, when construction is completed both the Needles and the Excavation unlock a unique Avatar.
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The Secret Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders Series #2- Secret Ancient Wonders

The Secret Ancient Wonders are unlocked in Chapter II. Once unlocked, the Rune Shard Mini-Game is playable for the Tome of Secrets and the Golden Abyss, and the player will add those Rune Shards to the list of random Runes that are possible when completing provinces on the World Map. Both of the Secret Wonders give the player access to a new avatar when construction is complete. Read on for more info.

Words of Wisdom #10

#10 Wholesaler Info (Revert at the Stroke of Midnight)

The Wholesaler allows us to buy non-boosted goods at a marked up price point. Recently, the Wholesaler was changed. One of the changes being that offers now increase in price each time you make a purchase. Here’s some info on the Wholesaler itself, and a strategy for using the timer to have more goods all at once from the Wholesaler. Continue reading